Park Songkuk

Flower Bowl by PARK Songkuk


Stroll Curation:  

This beautiful bowl is inspired by a magnolia flower when its in full bloom. With its unique texture inspired by the characters of Korean traditional paper, it accentuates the beauty of man-made objects. Leaf bowl can be used for foods such as noodles, soups or can be used as a fruit basket.  

Brand Story:  

The artist, PARK, Songkuk participated in a number of individual and team competitions, and won prizes. His work shows an artistic perspective as an object and a craftsmanship as a product. 

PARK got his inspirations of this "Hanji Series" when he visited museums while traveling Korea. “Hanji Series” embodies the characters of Hanji. (Hanji is traditional Korean paper found in Korean history.) His works pursues "natural lines" and shapes that reminisces the beautiful, luxurious texture of hanji, so the artist focus on making the thin, curved features using soil. 

Shopping Guide: 

These products are all made to orderso it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks until the products delivers to our customer depend on the artist’s urn scheduleWaiting is difficulthoweverwe promiseThey are worth to wait forWe will update you as much as possible until you have them!  


Size: 215 x 200 x 85 mm 
Material: ceramics 
Country of Origin: Korea 
Option: -  

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