We, “Stroll”, bring Joy, deliver Beauty, and convey Story.
Strolling is a simple and routine daily activity for everyone, but it is an important act we need to do in our daily life.

By strolling, we live more energetic and meaningful life.
We can have joy, beauty and inspiration from the daily chores,
and we can lift vigor, power and energy to keep up and enjoy our everyday life.

When we stroll,
we can encounter and accumulate joyful and beautiful small things on the window or in the street or the park.
This is what makes our life full of fun, meaning and story.
Let's stroll together, and we[Stroll] will bring small, joyful and beautiful moments to your doors with our beautiful products.


Eunjin Jung's <ATTO> series is a lacquered glassware that harmonizes the transparency of glass and the deep color of lacquer.

Our Stories

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